Introducing the Alll New ITW Dynatec, Dynamelt S series

"Setting the new standard in hotmelt application equipment, the improved next-generation Dynamelt S, Adhesive supply unit from ITW Dynatec has been designed and engineered for use in the packaging industry In response to end user feedback, the new Dynamelt S is enhanced with design and performance features to make it easier to maintain and service, more flexible to install, safer to operate and less costly to own"...Read more 

Cold Applied
> Single Component

Viscosity, pressure loss in the system, pump suction, power ratio, product container all have a factor in considering what type of ambient pump to choose. Pressure pots, diaphragm and stick pumps provide solutions for low viscosity materials. As the viscosity increases, so does the power ratio required to move the material, requiring ram mounted pumps. The right pump, for your material, from your ambient adhesive and sealant application specialists.

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