Introducing the Alll New ITW Dynatec, Dynamelt S series

"Setting the new standard in hotmelt application equipment, the improved next-generation Dynamelt S, Adhesive supply unit from ITW Dynatec has been designed and engineered for use in the packaging industry In response to end user feedback, the new Dynamelt S is enhanced with design and performance features to make it easier to maintain and service, more flexible to install, safer to operate and less costly to own"...Read more 


hma systems


hma systems is proud to introduce our new line of industrial use hotmelt stick guns. These guns utilize a higher wattage heating element than most traditional hotmelt stick guns at 400 and 300 watts. This translates to easier use for the operator, reduced operator fatigue & higher melt rates of adhesive ultimately increasing productivity, while also reducing the need to constantly replace lower wattage guns due to broken triggers and burnt out heaters, saving you money.

Each of these guns work with standard 1/2" or 11-12mm glue sticks. With temperature adjustment right on the gun, adjustments can be made to the adhesive temperature to maximize its performance.

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Model # AK-812 (400W)


The AK-812 utilizes air to perform the task of pushing the stick into the heated chamber; this eliminates the repeated pulling of a standard trigger, which reduces operator fatigue even further. Stroke adjustment and speed control helps make the adhesive output controllable and repeatable, which should help to cut down on excessive adhesive use.

Model # PT-412 (400W)

Like conventional hotmelt stick guns, the PT-412 gun requires pulling of the trigger to push in the stick, however that is where the similarities end. The increased wattage (400 V's 100+ watts) provides an increased melt capacity, making this one of easiest and fastest stick guns available on the market today.

!!!ALL NEW FOR 2014!!!


Model # PT-350 (300W)

We are proud to introduce a new member to our stick gun family, the all new PT-350. This gun is slightly smaller and lighter than it's bigger sister the PT-412. Dispite this, it still packs enough wattage for most industrial applications at 300 watts.


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